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Utomik Client update (v0.4.2) released!

Hi folks!

It's quite warm outside Utomik HQ today. In fact, it looks like we're entering a week full of tropic weather. Weather stations across the country say that Saturday is going to be the warmest day of the week, but I think they're wrong. Today is going to be the hottest day of the week, since we just released a new version of the Utomik Client! Here's what's causing the significant temperature increase:

  • Changed the way you navigate between pages: removed breadcrumbs and replaced with back & forwards buttons. This allows for way easier navigation on our Forums, as well as easier discovery of games on channels.
  • Improved feedback to users when checking for updates via the About dialog.
  • Release dates for games are now displayed on the game info pages when available.
  • Added information on how to become a Ninja in 'My Profile' page.
  • Channel games are now displayed in a grid.
  • Added support for Premium games. Currently, premium games can still be played for free, and a purchase is simulated. In the future, premium games become paid titles on Utomik.
  • Added removal of additional Utomik folders in uninstaller. Your login session will now be discarded after uninstalling Utomik.
  • Removed news tabs from channels and games.
  • Fixed videos not playing sometimes when viewing the game info page for a game for the first time.
  • Fixed several bugs related to our update flow.
  • Fixed a bug where uninstall could fail.
  • Fixed a memory leak.


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