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Utomik Client update (v0.8.3) released! [LIVE & BETA]

edited March 21, 2018 in Official Announcements
Hi folks!

It's time for another update of the Utomik Client!

Utomik is like a space program. We develop exciting new technology to punch through the stratosphere of gaming, boldly going where no company had gone before. We're extremely happy that you're taking this journey with us.

As with all space programs, however, sometimes you're doing stuff that's so revolutionary and so experimental that you can't always guarantee that everything will work okay. When people are involved in this dangerous territory, you'll need a special kind of person to deal with the potential danger. NASA's Gemini and Mercury astronauts were these kinds of special people: they knew what they were getting into, and fully accepted the danger coupled with the massive step that they as humans were about to take.

Today, with the Utomik Client update that we just released, we launch our own kind of Gemini mission program. Today, we allow all Utomik users to switch to a Beta version of the Utomik Client. This Beta version may be slightly unstable, and may contain features or ideas that we might scrap in the future, but we'd love it if you were willing to join us in punching through gaming's ionosphere. How do you join us? Through the Client! Just click 'Switch to Beta Client' in the bottom right corner of the client window and you're on board!

Note that this is slightly different from our Ninja program: Utomik Ninjas get to play games before everyone else. The Utomik Beta Client is available to everyone!

Still with us? Here's the full details of this SaturnV-sized update, which does way more than just introducing the Beta Client:

* Added ability to switch between versions of the client. It is now possible to use a beta version of the client, which introduces new features and fixes bugs, but may contain slight instabilities. We strongly recommend Ninja users to switch to the beta version of the client. Check the forums for information on updates of the latest beta and live versions of the Client!
* Active login sessions are now restricted to one session per user account. If you want to use Utomik on multiple PCs, you'll have to log out first before you log in on the other PC. We support remotely logging out the other login session, but if you keep using the remote logout feature you'll eventually be put in a 'timeout', meaning that you'll have to wait for up to two hours until you can login again.
* Changed Utomik client exit behaviour slightly. Rightclicking on the icon in the taskbar and clicking "Close window" won't exit the Utomik client anymore. Instead, you'll now have to exit the Utomik client via the system tray or by logging out and closing the window.
* Improved performance of the client slightly.
* Games in 'Manage Games' (under 'My Utomik') are now sorted by name.
* Added links to the Utomik Closed Beta Café on Facebook in My Profile and Profile dropdown.
* Changed UAC popup image so that it's a bit clearer that the popup image isn't the actual UAC dialog but an example of the dialog that users will see.
* Videos in game info page are now no longer automatically loaded after arriving there when you just started a game.
* Fixed issue where a bright gray boximage was displayed whenever a boximage for a game couldn't be downloaded. Now, if a boximage can't be downloaded, we fall back to the 'no boximage' style which displays a dark gray background with the title of the game overlaid on top.
* Fixed issue where video controls on game info pages would sometimes become inaccessible on very large screen resolutions (2300 pixels wide or higher) for games with short game descriptions.
* Fixed an issue where adding extra attachments to Feedback requests would sometimes not work correctly.
* Fixed issue that caused phantom login sessions. If you've ever seen a blank user name in the top-right corner of the screen, or the wrong user name when switching between accounts, this issue has now been fixed!

NOTE: Since this is the first time we're allowing users to switch to the beta version of the client, you'll notice that both the Live Client and Beta Client are the same: version 0.8.3. Soon, we'll start pushing out new Beta versions of the Client.
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