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Utomik Beta Client update (v0.10.0) released!

Hi folks!

A new Beta version of the Utomik Client (version 0.10.0) has just been released!

The changes in this version:

* Added password reset ('forgot password') functionality to the login screen of the Client.
* Using the backwards and forwards buttons now won't ever cause a game to get started.
* If a certain game is already running, and you try to start it again, the Utomik Client will now show a warning dialog telling you that the game is still running, with the option to restart the game.
* Improved Spotlight 'random game' selection. Only games having suitable images for display in the spotlight are now selected.
* Added a lot of extra debug logging.
* Added support for a maximum download buffer for games.
* Improved error message that's shown when you want to change your username but the new username is already in use.
* Improved handling of 3rd party installer exit codes.
* Fixed an issue where backwards button would be lit up immediately after filling in missing profile information.
* Fixed another case where the phantom login session bug could occur.
* Fixed issue where certain tile carousels weren't shown completely.
* Fixed an issue where an incorrect response from the Utomik Platform APIs would cause a client crash.
* Fixed an issue where errors during "signing in..." wouldn't be displayed to the user.
* Fixed a bug in the installer where it would report that it was unable to set folder rights.
* Fixed various game sandbox issues.


  • the added support for max dl buffer,
    does that include setting a maximum? or just support for it? :D
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