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Utomik Beta client update (v0.10.3) released!

Hi folks!

A new update for the Utomik Beta client (v0.10.3) has just been released!

These are the changes in this version:

* Improved style of game and channel tiles to better match the style of elements in the Spotlight slider. Also increased the heights of these tiles slightly to better match commonly used game box art aspect ratios.
* Spotlight sliders now automatically slide when you're not hovering over them with your mouse.
* The entire Game Tile area is now clickable and will lead you to the relevant Game Info page.
* Added randomization to 'Signing in' background images.
* Made various small layout and sizing changes.
* Fixed left and right border of client window not appearing correctly.


  • A small update had been released after 0.10.3 which fixed a loading screen background scaling issue.
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