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Utomik Client update (v0.10.4) released!

Hi folks!

For those of you not using the Beta version of the Utomik Client, it's been a while since the last client update. We've been focusing on the Beta program quite a bit. But fear not, we're back with a massive update for the release version of the Client you've been waiting for without even knowing it!

We just released version 0.10.4 of the Client, which contains changes that have been on Beta for a while. Here's what's new since the previous release version of the Client (you might want to grab a box of popcorn):

* Major style change to featured games and featured channels. These now look a lot nicer, with tiles of different sizes appearing in a slide deck. The style and size of game and channel tiles have also been altered to match the new style.
* Performance of the Client has been boosted massively.
* Added password reset ('forgot password') functionality to the login screen of the Client.
* Using the backwards and forwards buttons now won't ever cause a game to get started.
* Optimized initialization time for game downloads.
* Improved 'megabytes remaining' and 'megabytes downloaded' display when downloading games. The numbers displayed will now include the number of bytes downloaded during a specific part of the initializing phase. This should fix an issue where you would see the number of bytes on disk increase, but the 'megabytes downloaded' would stay the same.
* All game tile carousels are now infinitely scrollable if they have enough content.
* Added additional log messages to Utomik Host.
* The login window will now no longer pop up when your login session has expired and the client was minimized to the system tray. This was felt to be too intrusive and caused some glitches for some users.
* If a certain game is already running, and you try to start it again, the Utomik Client will now show a warning dialog telling you that the game is still running, with the option to restart the game.
* The entire Game Tile area is now clickable and will lead you to the relevant Game Info page.
* Added randomization to 'Signing in' background images.
* Renamed 'Games' tab to 'Home'.
* Improved error message that's shown when you want to change your username but the new username is already in use.
* Improved handling of 3rd party installer exit codes.
* Made various small layout and sizing changes.
* Removed the ability to submit ideas via the feedback button in the Client. Ideas should now go on the Utomik Forums.
* Added support for a maximum download buffer for games.
* Fixed various game specific bugs.
* Fixed various cloud storage bugs for several games.
* Fixed 'recently played games' not updating correctly at all times (e.g. after having recently played a game).
* Fixed the 'run' protocol link not always starting the game correctly.
* Fixed an issue where client updates would not finish.
* Fixed a few memory leaks in the Client.
* Fixed an issue where backwards button would be lit up immediately after filling in missing profile information.
* Fixed another case where the phantom login session bug could occur.
* Fixed an issue where an incorrect response from the Utomik Platform APIs would cause a client crash.
* Fixed an issue where errors during "signing in..." wouldn't be displayed to the user.
* Fixed a bug in the installer where it would report that it was unable to set folder rights.
* Fixed game loading background image stretching incorrectly.
* Fixed an issue where sessions wouldn't always get ended when logging out.
* Fixed genrelabels appearing clickable when they weren't because no channel existed for them yet.
* Fixed left and right border of client window not appearing correctly.
* Fixed login window being opened in a fullscreen window whenever you maximized the client window by dragging the window frame to the top of your monitor, then logged out.
* Fixed an issue where UtomikHost.exe would not exit.
* Added support for admin flags; Utomik Admins can now easily configure specific properties of games.
* Added ability for publishers and Utomik Admins to hide games from the home page and hide games from genre channel pages.
* Added a lot of extra debug logging.
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