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Utomik Beta Client update (0.16.1) released!

Hi folks!

A new Beta version of the Utomik Client (0.16.1) has just been released! Here are the changes in this version:

* Added ability to leave fullscreen mode when watching fullscreen videos in the Client by hitting the escape key.
* Improved performance.
* Including fullscreen screenshots with issues reported via the Client is now disabled by default.
* Updated background images throughout the Client.
* Fixed issue where some games wouldn't always appear in the 'Manage Games' section of 'My Utomik' after playing them, which caused them to not be uninstallable.
* Fixed issue where a game download would be stuck and no 'play' button would appear in the download progress indicator on the bottom left when a user navigates to the Forums at exactly the wrong time.
* Fixed an issue where occasionally small or already downloaded games would be attempted to be started before they were actually ready to start, which would then either cause the game to crash immediately or prevent the game from ever getting started at all.
* Fixed a memory leak.

As usual, you can opt-in to our Beta Client program from within the Client itself via the 'settings' screen.
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