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Utomik Client update (0.20.4) released!

Hi folks!

A new version (0.20.4) of the Utomik Client has just been released! Here are the changes since the previous version (0.19.6):

* More third party libraries used by Utomik are now given attribution in the about dialog.
* Added game notifications to game info and loading screens. These notifications display things like whether or not a game is "brand spankin' new" (which is relevant for Utomik Ninjas), or if a game may get removed from Utomik in the future.
* Games that are no longer available on Utomik can now (under certain circumstances) be uninstalled.
* Fixed game ratings not always loading correctly when hovering with your mouse over a game box.
* Fixed issue where 'You are a developer for this game' notification wasn't visible anymore.
* Fixed issue where switching tabs on a page would cause all buttons on said page to not work anymore.
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