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Utomik Beta Client update (0.22.2) released!

Hi folks!

A new Beta version (0.22.2) of the Utomik Client has just been released!  You can opt-in to our Beta Client program from within the Client itself via the 'settings' screen. Here are the changes in this version:

* Updated visual style of game tiles on the Home page. When hovering over game tiles on the home page, they'll expand and you'll be able to see more details about a game more quickly.
* Added ability to see a changelog of the Client in the About dialog.
* Games that are unavailable in your country are no longer visible in the Client.
* When some crucial API requests return an error while logging in, the Client now retries two more times before prompting a message and logging out.
* If the Client has difficulty connecting with the Utomik Platform APIs, this is now displayed clearly.
* If an update for the Client is available, this is now indicated more clearly in the bottom right corner of the Client.
* Optimized download speed for some use cases.
* Fixed an issue where restarting a game after a crash would not work correctly; the user would be instructed to wait for the game to start but it never would.
* Fixed a bug where failed third party software installations did not get handled properly.
* Improved support for cloud stored files.


  • in this beta client 0.22.2, i couldn't go to the forums
  • Hi Danny

    thanks for spotting, we are fixing this right away.

  • edited March 11, 2016
    Hi guys!

    We noticed a few issues with this version, so we fixed them in a small update (v0.22.3):

    * Fixed forums in Client not displaying at all.
    * Fixed about dialog erroneously reporting that debugging features were enabled even though they weren't.

  • hi, that's no problem :)
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