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Closed Beta starts First week July

Utomikons of Earth! You have waited, you have played, you have grown massive beards! The date you have wondered every day is now known:

the Utomik Closed Beta will start the first week of July

Jokes aside - We have another huge favor to ask of you. In the remaining weeks to July we will add more games. These all need to be small enough to be included in the closed beta launch. Help us play the hell out of them as fast as you can. Together we can make this happen!

Non Disclosure

Please note that this Launch Date and the Closed Beta itself is under NDA.
We will notify you what will become public free information that you can share once the media announcements have been made.

Further Developments

We will inform you of further developments as we move forward.


  • Can't wait!
  • We're getting closer people. Preparations are going good. 

    Some of the games still need a few more good old hours of playing to get smaller. Please help with that THANKS! 
    On the background we're finetuning all sorts of things to make a smooth launch day. Invites are being prepared amongst other things.
    We can't wait to bring in a ton of new players and hear how they like Utomik. We know you like it :) 

    To all the Ninja's:  We are keeping the forum for all closed beta users. The private Facebook group will remain for Ninjas Only.

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