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Utomik Client update (v0.3.5) released!

Hi folks!

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed this week with all this gaming news and game announcements at E3, but we'd like to join in on the fun and have an announcement of our own: a new version of the Utomik Client was just released! Here's what's new:
  • Added ability to change the default installation folder for Utomik Games. Note that only new games will be downloaded to the new default installation folder; games you already have content for on disk won’t be moved to this new location yet.
  • Several changes to the game loading sequence:
    • Applications should now start quicker as more things are done in parallel now.
    • “Calculating Download Size” will now no longer be displayed if there is nothing to download.
    • Added download size recalculating mechanism which is triggered whenever your connection speed changes significantly. This should ensure that users get a clearer indication of how much content needs to be downloaded and how long it’ll take.
    • Connectionerror warning in loadingcircle should now only appear if nothing is downloading at all.
    • How much content has been downloaded to disk should now appear a little bit earlier.
    • Content downloads are now more robust to connection failures/drops.
  • Several big changes to Quick Search:
    • Implemented ability to search for channels in quick search.
    • Restyled quick search results completely to look a lot nicer.
    • Quicksearch now shows ‘searching…’ whilst it is searching
    • Quicksearch now activates after two keypresses rather than one, and activates a bit later to better accomodate slow typists.
  • Added age rating functionality: games for which you are too young are now no longer displayed. Age ratings for games are now displayed in the Client, together with their content descriptors (which indicate what type of potential disturbing content you may see). Only the age ratings relevant to your region are displayed; so you won’t see PEGI ratings (for Europe) when you have an account in the USA. Because of this new functionality, you may need to set your date of birth and country you live in if these details are missing for your account, but you’ll be guided through this process.
  • Several changes to channel pages:
    • Channel headerlogos are now clickable and lead you to the site of the company the channel belongs to.
    • Channels can now have custom backgrounds.
  • Clicking on the ‘Forums’ link in the Header navigational menu now takes you back to the root of the forums, even when you’re already on the forums.
  • Clicking behind the ‘Submit Feedback’ popup dialog now no longer closes it. The only way to close the popup dialog now is to click ‘Cancel’ or the close icon.
  • Fixed a bug which would lead to a “failed to update application” crash in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug which caused game downloads to stall indefinitely.
  • Fixed various cloudstorage and game buffer calculation issues.
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